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Share your FUNdraising ideas!

Putting the "FUN" back into fundraising!

Fundraising Ideas!
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The classic selling chocolates door-to-door thing is getting old. Not a lot of people find it enjoyable or a fast money raiser. This is a community created for people to share FUN fundraising ideas!
Whether the ideas are from/for schools, camps, animal shelters, charities, clubs, extra-cirricular school activies, helping third-world countries, whatever! All are welcomed!

We would like you to share your ideas, stories, successes, failures, information, tips, opinions, and pretty much anything that has to do with raising money.

-You may promote your communities here. But do not promote communities if they do not relate to this one. Communities that are related to fundraising, helping out, schools, clubs, good causes, etc., are allowed (Also, if you are interested in affiliating, add that to your post as well.).
Communities that are related to looking pretty, being rated, porn, etc., may not have a good chance to stay.
-Keep in mind there may be young members here. Keep it clean, and keep bad language to a minimum.
-Don't harass other members.
-More rules will be added.


This community was created by thehappyfrog.