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Synchronized Chaos Webzine's annual art-for-commission fundraiser

Please feel free to delete if you think this is off topic - not my intention, just thought some might like to place an order for writing-on-commission (short stories, sketches, poems, etc) from some of our magazine's contributors for a holiday gift. The people we're showcasing have some real talent...especially the young feisty woman from Egypt and the screenwriting student who's already creating and helping produce plays in her area. This would be a great idea for gifts for those hard to shop for, who have everything, who would like something more personal than a giftcard, whom you know online, young children, pen pals, etc.

Synchronized Chaos (, a new art/cultural/variety webzine inspired by the mathematical concept of chaos theory (systems with organization that's not easily apparent until you look more closely at their beginnings) is hosting a benefit art/writing auction/sale, where some of our featured artists (or any of our volunteers) will create a personalized piece just for you or someone else, at your request. Great for holiday gifts or a special memento to have at home.

Where the funds go:

Funds raised through this auction will be split between two current projects for those in the Synchronized Chaos network of family and friends - Christmas presents for the kids of a single mother on disability who’s in the process of writing for us, and a hospital bill for a friend of a contributor who works in food service and has no way of paying. Documentation is available to back up these needs and we will gladly send documents to anyone who requests them.

We plan to host these auctions occasionally for the holidays or as the need arises. The process of choosing beneficiaries is democratic - please let us know on our Facebook/LiveJournal groups or by emailing the magazine or commenting here if someone needs help and we’ll do what we can to set something up if you can provide some sort of documentation verifying the need.

Our format is modeled on the Sweet Charity art and writing auctions which normally assist causes such as rape/sexual assault survivor services and international relief, and which raised tens of thousands for the Writer’s Guild of America’s Foundation for those experiencing severe difficulties while out of work during last winter’s strike.

And if you have extra art for a benefit auction please check out the lovely folks at - they’re putting on something similar for performance artist Fran Varian who’s ill with Lyme disease.

Artists available for commissions as of November 1st:

As a Creative Facilitator, I, Cristina Deptula, will offer my services - either resume and career consultation or writing a short story on demand given any prompt you provide (within reason.)

You may either comment here or email me at with an offer.

Jaylan Salman - Hi, I’m an aspiring writer from Egypt who would love donating a piece of writing for anyone who is interested. I would like to write poetry or short romantic or thematic stories, I may write something that would make people feel better or something that would make them think or sympathize. I intend to make a difference with my writing & can’t wait to get a prompt or an acceptance offer.

Please email me or comment here if you’re interested -

Thank you for caring.

Editor’s note: I enjoy Jaylan’s writing - she creates poetry celebrating strong, creative people from a variety of times and places - including her home country, the early American Salem Witch Trials, and faraway places. She also writes short fantasy fiction, full of suspense and romance. She’s featured in the September edition of Synchronized Chaos and you may view a larger sample of her work here:

Katie Nolan - I’m another aspiring writer who loves a challenge. Examples of my fanwork and original writing can be seen at my blog/website, Dork’s Dumpster. Give me a prompt and I will give you at least a 500 word story. Comment here or send me an email at if you’re interested.

Editor’s note: Katie Nolan is a creative, funny, clever writer with interesting turns of phrase and a very humane sensibility who truly wants to provide something positive and life-affirming through her work (inspired by Buddhist ideas about peace and respect for life.) She loves cats, screenwriting, and anime. Would encourage you to commission one of her pieces as well as one of Jaylan’s.

Here’s an unusual offering from a guy I met at the San Jose State Entrepreneurial Society. He runs an online dating profile writing service, where he will help people express themselves in the most natural, authentic, and articulate ways possible when using online dating services. Always hate writing those things? Curious about what your profile might look like were you to post one? Wondering what people truly think about you after you leave a first impression? Leonid Knyshov will donate a few profile consultations for this art auction - you may read about him here and leave a comment on his website:

Please comment here if you would like to request any work in exchange for a donation of any amount that you choose. We will provide information about where to send the donation (PayPal (, checks, and cash are accepted) - and you may send it directly to the recipients if you choose and you will receive a thank-you letter along with your artwork or other product.

Please repost the link to this art auction and pass on the word - publicity is always gratefully appreciated. We'd also love more artists/authors/others with auction donations! Thanks so much, and wishing you the best.
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