not_quite_queen (not_quite_queen) wrote in fundraisingidea,

Hey there, everybody!

I'm new here, but here's the bare basics. I'm a junior, and I'm the vice-president of my class. Generally, my class is very lazy, but we have a few shining stars to help us council-members.

I've just discovered something. While watching Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel, I've found that when water and cornstarch are mixed, they create a liquid which becomes a temporary solid on impact, therefore giving the ability to walk on water. The substance is also a very goopy kind of mix. My idea is to get large quantities of cornstarch, water, and some kiddie pools, and allow people to run across water. There is also a rumor that the mixture is good for the skin, and if the impact is sustained on the surface, one can sink into the goo.

What do you think? A fundraiser that lets its patrons walk on water?
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