Corey (rainbowgirl7) wrote in fundraisingidea,

New donor databases

I have recently begun an intership with a small human rights NGO. They are asking me to put together a donor database. I have development experience, but have never started from scratch with a database. I am wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this. The organization is hoping to do targeted mailings and calls from the data. They have collected basic fields: name, address, phone number, date of donation, amount, method of payment, and donation acknowledgement. They want to start tracking number of phone calls made and their substance, how donor was engaged with the organization originally, other information that might help them understand why someone is a donor, and the giving potential of the donor. I think it would be helpful for them to track employment at least, as well as other fields, but would love feedback on that as well. We are trying to figure out what software to use - they were thinking Access at first, but wanted me to look into other programs. I would love to hear about any experience in this regard as well. Thank you for your time!
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